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hotel pic Work with us and you will get very competitive rate and financing programs along with the largest selection of SBA and Conventional products for Hotel Loans throughout the United States.

Our superior knowledge and national service in the hotel lending industry translates into the best terms and attractive rates for your property. When you have attractive rates an dterms, your property's income thrives in good and bad economies. Moreover, improvements to the property such as a gym, kitchenettes, on-site area for car washes can yield incremental positive cash returns.

If you want to purchase or acquire a new hotel or flagged hotel, we are your leading choice. A "flagged" hotel is a hotel that is widely recognized such as the Hilton, Travelodge, Best Western, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, or other well known hospitality brand names. We have no direct affiliations for financing with any of these chains. The picture is just for illustrative purposes of flagged hospitality brands.

To qualify for financing, the hotel should meet these criteria:

  • Property is located strategically for bookings
  • A profitable operating and occupancy history
  • Strong management and sponsorship credentials


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