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We can help owners of small to medium sized businesses secure the financing they need to purchase, renovate or refinance existing office buildings or build new offices building for commercial purposes. We finance single-tenant, multi-tenant loans on office condo buildings. small office building loans

In most case, office building loan are available on periods of 15 to 20 years on a 30-year repayment term. The interest rate used is one of to choices, fixed-rate or an adjustable rate. While fixed rate loans are very popular and widely chosen, the adjustable rate helps with better cash-flow in the beginning and keeps the payments low.

Property Class Ratings:

Class A - Examples of Class A property types are the huge properties you see in the center of the business district in downtown decorated with brass and glass fixtures, with first-class lobbies. Class A's are usually steel-framed and high rise. The tenants who occupy such buildings are local or national banks, high-priced attorneys, wall street investment companies, and other high-profile companies.

Class B - tend to be newer construction. 15 years or less, wood-framed 3-stories or less properties in attractive locations. Class B properties are normally located in the suburbs or the less-costly areas of major Downtown Business Districts.

Class C - buildings are are often aged from 15 to 25 years but maintain a consistent occupancy rate. A fair number of the Class C office spaces are not genuine traditional structures as they occupy space floors above a retail or service business.


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